In order to protect your privacy, we are not entitled to back up your files in our server. All files will be stored and encrypted in your own phone.

To check if we can help you find them back, please answer the below questions.


Did you try the button Find Lost Files in the setting page?

Usually, this can help you find lost files in most normal circumstances. Please restart your phone and try it.

If it doesn’t help you, please follow the questions to find the answer:

What happened before you noticed that your content is missing?(Click to view the solution)

1) Format phone

2) Update APP

3) Free-up space on your phone by cleaning

4) Change a new phone or lost phone

5) Delete the files.

Warm tip: In order to prevent your encrypted files from being cleaned by Anti-Virus software or cleaning software, it is best to link GoogleDrive to ensure that files are no longer lost.

Thanks for your understanding.