1. Why the cloud is under maintenance?
Because the data in the cloud is getting bigger and bigger, the old structure of the cloud can no longer support the current data amount very well. To improve the performance and stability of cloud sync, the cloud server needs to be upgraded. 

2. When will the cloud be back online?
Because the amount of data is too large, the upgrading action will take a litter longer. The cloud will be back online on November 20th. 

3. Will my data in the cloud be lost after the maintenance?
Of course not. Your data will still be there and will never lose a piece.

4. Why does the maintenance take so long time?
It is because the amount of the total data is too large, the upgrade action needs to change the structure of each file record. It needs time.

In all, we do know that this upgrade of the cloud gives you the inconvenience and we are very sorry for that. Please wait patiently for the back online. 
Thanks a lot.